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Recent publications from the Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology

Donald DengelProf. Don Dengel, exercise physiologist in the School of Kinesiology, has had some recent publications with colleagues and students:

Dengel, D.R., & Bronas U.G.The role of endothelial dysfunction on development and progression of atherosclerosis and methods to assess vascular function and structure. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 4(6):445-456, 2010. Dr. Bronas is a former Kineisology Ph.D. student who studied with Dr. Arthur Leon.

Dengel, D.R., Hearst, M.O., Harmon, J.H., Sirard, J., Heitzler, C.D., & Lytle, L.A. Association of the home environment with cardiovascular and metabolic biomarkers in youth. Preventive Medicine, 51: 259-261, 2010. PMCID: PMC2939178. Mr. Harmon is a technician in the lab.

Scott, A.T., Metzig, A.M., Hames, R.K., Schwarzenberg, S.J., Dengel, D.R., Biltz, G.R., & Kelly, A.S. Acanthosis nigricans and oral glucose tolerance in obese children. Clinical Pediatrics,49(1):69-71, 2010. Dr. Biltz is a lecturer in Kinesiology; Dr. Scott and Dr. Metzig are former students of Prof. Dengel; Mr. Hames is a Kinesiology M.A. student advised by Prof. Dengel.

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