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Power of Language to Define Practice by D. Arendale.

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A glossary of developmental education and learning assistance terms by D. Arendale.

It is critical to periodically reexamine the basic language used within a profession. Language not only reflects past and current practice, it also guides the future. As the practice advances and changes, so must the language to describe it. This reexamination of basic terms used in developmental education and learning assistance provides an opportunity to transform its work, expand borders, and redefine its essential role within postsecondary education. The glossary is grounded in the previous version of it as well as extensive review by practitioners and leaders in the field. The complexity of the language has increased as well as its connection with other fields within education. This glossary is offered to help guide practices to better meet institutional and student needs.

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Arendale, D. R. (2007). A glossary of developmental education and learning assistance terms. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 38(1), 10-34.

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