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  Today, instead of my usual FYI class "Justice Isn't Just Us", our class went to the Ted Mann Concert Hall to meet the author of the book that all first-year CEHD students had to read called, "Outcasts United". The author, Warren St John shared with us his experiences he had while writing the book and answered many questions that different students had for him. One question in particular caught my attention when a man asked Warren, "Do you have any writing tips you can share with the students since they have to do a lot of writing in their courses?" I was really curious about what he would say because I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do to improve my own writing. Warren had great advice. He gave us an example of how he first writes down his notes into a rough draft format. He types all his notes up into a kind of format he might use in his book and sends it to himself in an email. After that, he copies and pastes it into where he needs his rough draft put together. Then he goes from there to write his book. I thought this was a good idea because everyone can easily write emails so making it seem like an email makes it easier to write anything even if it is not technically an email. I thought I would share that since it is a great tip anyone could use for future papers or writings. 

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