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Winter Break Recall

In all my life I have never had a winter break as long as the one I just experienced. This is my first college winter break so it was expected, but it just seemed so so long! I was home for about a month, and it was so unbelievably nice to take a quick (or long) pause from the hectic college routine. Besides just being home, the added bonus was being able to spend almost all my time with my three month-old nephew Jack. He lives at my house being raised by my mom so I was literally around him 24/7.  

He is a really happy baby and rarely ever cries. I couldn't get enough of him. He is at a stage right now of laughing and smiling and looking at everyone and everything around him. I even now know perfectly how to take care of a baby. When I have kids in the future I will already know what to do. The most difficult part of break was leaving baby Jack when break was over. It breaks my heart to be away from him for so long. When I go back home, he will be so much bigger and different like I missed out on so much of his growth and development. But for now, it is also good to be back and in to another semester of college!

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