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Coffee Break

As a freshman here at the U, I have quickly learned how important coffee is for me to get through the day. I have tried so many different coffee shops all around, and so I have selected my top three places to get coffee.

3. Starbucks (Located in Coffman) 
Who doesn't love the traditional Starbuck's coffee? It is a convenient location, right in the center of campus, and also very speedy. 

2.Purple Onion (University Ave)
Living at Sanford my first semester, The Purple Onion was right on my way to class. The coffee is superb, and the service is quality. They also have plenty of food in case you are hungry. I would compare The Purple Onion to Panera except for the fact that The Purple Onion does not have bagels. It does have a nice atmosphere and comfortable places to study. 

1.Expresso Royale (Dinkytown) 
Expresso Royale is my top place to get coffee on campus. It is located in Dinkytown so not exactly on the way to class but still close. They have specialty coffee drinks including expresso royale cappuccino. Another bonus is the their coffee punch cards. I go there so much that I can obtain free drinks frequently. 


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