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Spring Jam

This past week was Spring Jam at the U. If you do not happen to know what this and would like more detailed information on this awesome week please refer to this website-  I had no idea what to expect but everyone was telling me how much fun it was going to be. The first day of Spring Jam (on Monday), the main activity was tug-of-war. My sorority had a teams for all these types of events so I went to support my team although I wasn't actually in any of the teams. Many people were piled into the field house cheering on their teams. 
On tuesday, the main activity was dodgeball. My team won against the first team, but lost to the second team in a sudden death round. It was really intense. Wednesday was Service Day. In the field house, I went and packed food that would be sent to starving children. On Thursday there were some bands playing at outside of Coffman in the afternoon. I could not go to any because I had class. Friday, Jessie James, a pop country artist, played outside of Coffman. I had class during the one hour she was there. My whole class told my psychology professor to let us go to the concert but he didn't budge. Instead, he played a youtube clip of a Jessie James song. (because that is the same thing). Also on friday, was ballyhoo. This is a dance competition. The theme of most teams was 90's. My team was called "rappin through the 90's" It was so much fun and our team ended up taking first place. Finally on saturday was a band competition. Our team placed third in this competition. Throughout the week, I really did have so much fun and can't wait for next year.  

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