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Child Psychology

This semester I am taking a child psychology class. At first I thought it would be difficult because I took regular psychology last year, and that class was somewhat challenging. I actually really enjoy this child psychology class. I love learning about what goes on in the minds of young children. My professor is always showing us video clips of the cutest little babies. I also connect everything we have been learning to my one year-old nephew. I will call up my sister and tell her things like, "he should be able to walk in the next month" or "make sure you read to him all the time". She already knows a lot of the things I tell her from reading baby books, but she listens anyway. This is one of the very very few classes I look forward to. I like it so much that sometimes I consider changing my major to child psychology! Did you know that babies in the womb can hear outside voices as early as 3 months?

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