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Lately I have so busy that I barely have time to do homework and study as much as I would like to. I now have three jobs, and although they each require only a few hours a week, all together it takes up a huge chunk of my week. My newest job is a phone survey job. I have to call restaurants and make sure the employees are doing their job as efficiently as possible when taking someone's order via phone. It is easy but time consuming. Tomorrow is my first day at my tutoring job. I've had meetings and seminars but haven't been to the school yet. I am so excited to meet the kids I will be working with all year. I am also nervous because they are counting on me to help them learn. Aside from my jobs, I also have other clubs and activities I am involved in weekly. I feel like I barely have time to stop and take a breath. It makes it harder to keep up with school but I know I can handle it. It hasn't been so bad. I just have to work harder than I used to and sleep less than I used to. At least I have Halloween to look forward to this weekend. If nothing else I plan on making carmeled apples because carmeled apples are my favorite part of fall. Yuummmmmmmm!

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