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Homecoming 2012 Recap

Last week was so much fun! It was such a busy week going to so many different homecoming activities. I was flag-football captain on my team for the flag-football competition, but unfortunately we lost right away. It was still a blast! Friday was probably my favorite day of Homecoming week. The parade is always exciting. I love when men's gymnastics team does all of these flips off of a trampoline. I also like getting candy from all of the different student groups:). The alumni cheerleaders were fun to watch. I think if I was a cheerleading alum I would come back for the parade too. They looked so happy to be there again reunited with all of their college friends, and they still looked very professional. After the parade, everyone walked to the B.o.B and Timeflies concert. Timeflies is a band, but technically just one singer and another guy working the sound from a computer. The singer had an amazing voice and really fun songs. He takes parts of popular songs and adds his own lyrics to them so it was really interesting to hear his songs. One song he used was "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. He also added some freestyle into his songs where he sang about things like Minnesota, DinkyTown, the homecoming game, and us college students. It was quite funny. B.o.B performed after Timeflies. Here is a picture of B.o.B.

We were pretty high up in the stands, but still saw him clearly. He was really fun and got the audience dancing and jumping up and down and singing. I know a few of his songs so when he sang those songs I was jumping up and down singing along myself. I think "Magic", "So Good", and "Airplanes" are my top three favorite songs he performed that night.

The next day was the football game! It was really rainy, but my friends and I were sitting in the last row of the student section, which happened to be under a covering from the seats above us. We remained dry the whole time, while others were cold and wet. Here is a picture I took at the game showing how smart we were to pick those seats.

The gophers didn't win, but I think the most important thing was that I had so much fun during the whole week. It makes me really sad to have only two more homecomings left. But I will make the best out of the next two years so I can pile up on amazing memories.

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