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This week is homecoming! It is one of my favorite times of year. During the week, there is a cheer competition, lip sync competition, and a flag football competition. I just went to the lip sync competition tonight. The theme for homecoming is Legendary-U so all of the groups that performed had some kind of individual theme relating to the overall theme. Some of the themes are Legends of the Hidden Temple, Suit Up, League of Legends, and Mount Olympus. For teams full of inexperienced cheerleaders, the routines were very complex and entertaining.
Tomorrow is the first round for flag football. I am actually on a flag football team and will be competing in this event. Our team only had a few practices, but we have a lot of athletic guys who really know what they are doing. The only thing I am worried about is how cold it will be. If it is really cold tomorrow night then catching and throwing a football around is even more difficult when my fingers are numb and frozen.
Wednesday is the lip sync competition taking place at Tedd Man Concert Hall over on West Bank. From what I remember last year, it is basically a dance competition between the teams. This was actually one of my favorite events because all the teams usually have very creative dances.
Thursday is the qualifiers for flag football. Hopefully my team wins tomorrow to make it to the qualifiers.
Friday is the parade. The fraternities always have huge house fronts of pictures of Goldy and their themes made out of tissue paper. Many different clubs and groups walk in the parade including the gymnastics team and Homecoming Court. Friday is also the B.O.B and Timeflies concert. I am so excited because I didn't go to the concert last year and I actually like both B.O.B and Timeflies. Finally on Saturday is the football game. Let's go Gophers!

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