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I am so happy to be home for the weekend for Thanksgiving. Yesterday we had 65 degree weather so it was just a perfect day! I went for a run in a t-shirt and shorts and couldn't believe it was November 22. Last Thanksgiving we actually had a lot of snow. I remember driving home and seeing cars on the side of the road because of how icy the roads were. This year my family was outside playing baseball and kickball enjoying such beautiful weather. Unfortunately today on Black Friday the weather dropped a whopping 35 degrees. I went shopping in my winter coat and was sad that the warm weather had lasted only a day.

Today, we bought a Christmas tree and decorated it. Even though I am going back to school on Sunday, I am still happy to have been able to decorate it this year and see it up. My one-year-old baby nephew actually put some of his own ornaments on the tree. It was really fun being able to see him this weekend because he just started walking and is the most adorable little boy ever. I will miss him a lot when I go back to school.

Tonight I am going to go see some of my high school friends. This is basically the only weekend I will be able to see them until the summer because I won't be home for Christmas this year. I am really excited to catch up with everyone.

So far, I've had a very nice weekend home and will be sad to get back to school and studying for exams and writing papers, but Christmas is only a few weeks away now so at least I have that to look forward to. I am pretty sure it is my favorite holiday. I have already been listening to Christmas music. I love it so much!

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