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Us students have finally reached the end of the semester; one week away from finals. It is the one week that the library becomes a temporary "home". I have come to the library every day this week and stay until it closes at midnight. In fact, I am at the library at this very moment. This is the one week of the semester that is the most difficult to get through. The only choice I have so that I do well on my finals is to spend this week studying at all hours of the day, stopping only to eat or sleep. Finals in college are rough. Occasionally you get the cool professor who decides that the final can take place on the last day of class so you can be done with it a week earlier. In this case, the finals are shorter and easier so it can fit in the 1 hour and 15 minute time period. Other finals take place on the very last day of fall semester; the very last day in which finals can be taken. While students can be done as early as the 14th of December, my last exam is on the 18th. Fortunately, that is a few days before the last day of finals. My last exam will be the most challenging so I guess it is actually a good thing it is later. I will have more time to study for it. I am somewhat nervous for this exam because it is cumulative and covers a total of 17 chapters. These chapters are each very very very very long. I was so sad when I found out that the final was cumulative because usually they just cover everything from after the last exam. This is one of the main reasons I am "living" at the library this week, and I am really hoping it pays off!

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