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  Hello! My name is Juliana Treleven, and I am currently a first-year student at the university studying elementary education. I am originally from southern Wisconsin in a smaller city, West Bend, about 5 and a half hours away from Minneapolis. I decided to come to the the University of Minnesota Twin Cities because I would come here all the time to visit my brother who is currently a senior. He told me of his adventures and experiences, which inspired me to be a part of this community and seek out my own adventures. Although I am not a "winter person" I know I can learn to adjust to the cold, which is a big part of living in Minnesota that I am only now beginning to understand. For fun, as there are endless opportunities of fun here on campus, I have joined a sorority, as well as an intramural volleyball team. I love being a part of groups so I am quite happy with both of these activities. While it can be overwhelming at times, I am very much satisfied with my decision to be a part of them. Meeting new people is always a plus when it comes to being a part of new things. Some fun facts about me is that I like to read, write, and play tennis. I also love to cook, specifically Italian food, because my grandparents are from Italy. Hopefully any of the above topics were of interest to you because I have much more to say in future posts that most likely will relate with the main things in my life right now. 

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