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Super Bowl 46

As a sport management major, it's definitely important to tune into the Super Bowl Madness. For example, did you know that the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowls ad this year was $3 million dollars! (That's essentially $100,000 per second)

Now as a sports marketer, how can you make the most out of this??? Well it's going to require a lot of creativity and as you all know we all can recall at least one or two brand images from the past.

For example, the Doritos commercial was notable because it was funny and appealing. What happened was one guy left Doritos  crumb on his pants and another guy ended up licking his pants because of the flavor. It was hilarious but also created an image of Doritos being a tasty snack.

Sports marketers call that "branding." Branding is important because it creates an image of your product and often times consumers can refer to that product because it has been "branded" inside their heads.

I am excited to watch not just the Super Bowl but also how the ads are going try and build brand awareness.

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