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Lots of people enjoy summer usually by travelling, or just having leisure time, but me on the other hand, I'm getting ahead. And I don't mean getting ahead as in making money, but getting ahead as in setting myself up for future job opportunities. I'm working my way forward.

We all wonder how people get to the top of the line all the time, well at least I do. But seeing that this summer, I am doing what they may have done, I can see why those people are at the very top. They worked really hard for it. All my time this summer is going to go to working, which has started this week! Interning, researching, and a few classes. When I said getting ahead, I meant it by interning and researching. 

At my internship site, I will be continuing to plan for the program that I work with. And I can say, it will not be easy at all. I've got lots to think about to get the program going. I honestly love the program with all my heart, and I don't really want to leave it next year when I do graduate, but I will have to. And hopefully, it will fall into the right hands, and continue to grow. It's one of those programs that you wouldn't want to die because it truly does do good, and I think, wait I know it's because of the person overseeing it! (Props to them!) Anyways, interning here, will help me get ahead in life because it gives me experience. Something that not a lot of people focus on anymore, most just focus on getting their education. And because I am still an undergrad, it's even better. It allows future employers to really see the work that you do under stress. College itself is a big stressor, believe it or not!

Now, to researching, having this under my belt will also make me a better competitor with others who are interested in the same field that I am interested in. It'll allow them to really see what I've been doing, what I've been working on, and where I possibly want to be in the future. It'll open doors for me because of the people that I know.

Being at both places will allow me to get references that I may never get if I didn't do what I am doing. Knowing people is an important part to getting to where you want to be, so do get to know people.

Though for the major requirement, only one is needed to graduate, research or internship, having both under your belt will be good, because then you have experience with researching, in case you decide to become a researcher one day, and leadership experience which will allow you to obtain a better quality job one day, and also allows you to see what type of environment you want to be in.

It's going to be a quite sad summer for me, socially but at the same time I'm so ready and excited for this summer. I won't really get to relax and enjoy my summer too much, but it'll be good because in real life, there is no more summer. I'll still be able to see my friends this summer is all that really matters to me. They are some pretty important people in my life, we've been together for about a decade now! (Amazing isn't it?!)

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