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Running with the Wind,

I love it when get ideas in my mind get sparked and I just run with it! I'm trying to think of ways to fund raise for the program that I co-run with others. And also to fund raise for the place as a whole. I might really have to just not work and focus on research and interning this summer, and if I do work. I'll have to work the later shifts and deal with it. 
When I think about what the program that I am currently running needs, I really think a lot about my students and what they need from the program. Funding the program is a big issue, but I think that having people really get to know the program and the good that it's doing, is more important because it's those relationships between people that keep the program running. And that keep me going as well. It's not just a job that pays me alright for a college student, but a job that can become a possible career. It's something that I truly believe in. :)

But running with the wind. I've come up with a way to fund raise and it'll be a ball! Actually possibly a Masquerade Party! It'll have many reasons, and initiatives, and all of that behind it. And also people to donate money too. It'd be a great experience as well because I'll learn many things about the world of non-profit! 

It's always interesting to see where jobs that you hold in college can lead you. It's always a blast!

The most awesome part about running with the wind though, is really getting to see who takes advantage and flies their kites. I love helping my students and seeing them succeed. And I love being able to know that I made a difference in their lives for the better. Whether it was financially helping them, or fund raising to keep this program going.

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