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Dual Identities,

The other day, a classmate and I had a very interesting conversation about dual identities and what it means.

Dual identities is where a person has a cultural identity living in a country that is not their place of origin. Like myself for example, I am American, but my ethnicity is Hmong, therefore I am Hmong American.

On campus there are many students who have a dual identity. Which is probably why we have many cultural groups on campus ranging from A-Y, no Z yet. These student cultural groups, I have to say, do try their hardest and do their best at bringing out and keeping their cultures alive.

Students who live a dual identity, like myself, I know for a fact face a big struggle of cultural clash. I don't think it was until I got to college that I really understood what that was. I didn't understand what it meant to be American and Hmong at the same time until I discovered who I was. I will vouch for anyone who lives this same life, that it is NOT easy, nor will it ever be easy. I know that those two cultures I live in will always be pulling at the other.

Besides just living a dual identity, keeping one's own cultural, whatever it maybe alive is hard. My classmate had told me that many young kids where he originated from, in America, speak no lick of his native tongue, and same goes for mine as well. It's hard to keep one's own native culture alive in today's changing society.

Even though it's going to be hard to keep one's own native culture alive, I believe that our native cultures will still live on. Today's young society is changing rapidly, but that doesn't mean that we have to lose our culture. I know many people out there who are educated, Americanized, speak English well, and are still fighting to keep my culture alive, just with new ideas washing out the old ones, especially ones about women. (Which will be written about in another blog)

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