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Iowa bound and back,

So over the weekend I got the chance to go watch one of my boyfriend's good friend's UFC fight in Iowa. I also had a pretty fun weekend to say the least as well.

Though he lost his middle weight champion title it was still good to go just to see how he, the friend, was doing because last I saw him, was back in July.

To sum up how the weekend went, I'd have to say, Saturday was kind of a long day, well the morning was because the drive there was about three and a half hours. But once we got there everything kind of went by fast. We got ready, went to watch his fight, then hung out afterwards. But I think Sunday was even LONGER. We didn't wake up until 10 AM! It was a pretty long night is just catching up. But then we also went to eat at the Asian restaurant and went to Bass Pro Shops before coming home, to Minnesota.

One thing about Bass Pro Shops, is that this place is soooo much cooler than Cabella's, and I've been to Cabella's and Gander Mtn before too. This place, it was just crazy how much stuff they had in the store. I probably sat looking through the fishing stuff for like an hour before my boyfriend dragged me away from it since we still had to drive back home. I did NOT want to leave at all, but we did. We kind of had to force me to leave. I did pick up a few things there so, I'm pretty satisfied...however, I do hear a new fishing pole calling my name!

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