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Field Work with Families course,

I honestly did not expect this class to be this much work, but considering that it is one of the last courses I have to take in order to graduate and that it is being taught by the undergraduate head adviser, I can see why it's so hard!

For this class, I've got to write my Capstone paper, basically a summary of what I have learned through all my course work, how I can apply this to future jobs, and how I applied what I learned at my internship site. Then also how it's also better helped me to understand family dynamics, improve as a better learner, etc etc etc. Ahhh! I'm kind of freaking out, but not really either because I love writing papers, it's one of my specialties! :)

Besides just that, I also have to create my senior portfolio as well, which is going to drive me nuts. I have to think about all the classes I took, and write up a summary on them all too. *Sigh, this class, man it's really going to make me work, but I know it'll pay off in the end. Oh, by the way, did I mention, I also have include course work that I have already done as well too? Yup. A lot of work must be put into this portfolio and paper. Let's just hope that I get it done by Dec 4 at the latest! Wish me luck!

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