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Thanksgiving break,

Campus is already so empty, with many students headed home for the break. It's a good break and is, I think very much needed right before crunch time!


I'm always excited for Thanksgiving break, because it means a lot of goooooood eating! And this year is kind of special too! My uncle (one of my mom's brothers) who lives out of state is visiting early this year! Usually he comes over winter break to spend Christmas with us, but this year, he's visiting before that! YAY! We only get to see him once a year for about a week and a half, then usually he has to go back. It's kind of depressing at times, but I get really excited when he visits just cause it's non-stop family time. :)

Besides him just visiting, he's also bringing his girlfriend up to meet the family as well, which is exciting, and nerve-wrecking at the same time. I understand why too, but that's just that. Life is life!

I think though, for me, I'm just most excited because it's kind of a day of unlimited eating, until our tummies are stuffed full, and family time. :) I honestly don't know what I would do with out them. I'm very thankful for the wonderful family that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe, and eat lots of food too!

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