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I really have to say, yesterday's election was actually pretty nerve racking for me, personally just because if I am going to continue into Grad School in the next couple of years, it'll be MORE difficult for me, and also the fact that tuition would probably rise even more than what is expected.

Though I do have to say, there are it's pros and cons to both canidates. BUT, I was more nervous about the two amendments than I was the presidental election. The two amendments would forever change history in our state, regardless of which ever way it went. Though being a FSOS major, I would of course, want it to go the way that it did just because I am in favor of what's best for the people of the state, the future of the state, and the children in our futures as well.

Based off the idea that our nation was created under equal rights, it would be taking away people's rights, and we would probably have to eventually, have another major civil rights movement so people can marry who they love and can vote without a photo ID.

Eventually moving into requiring a photo ID will be necessary, but I think at this moment in time, it is not needed. We have so much more to focus on that just that. We have to be able to lower tuition rates so everyone can afford education, low income families who want a better future would not be able to get out of where they are at, if we the people do not help. We would only be creating a larger margin in society which is highly unnecessary. However, the safety of our nation is also needed, way too many wars are going on and we are taking what we have for granted, even if we say we aren't, we are. In order to have true peace in the world, we the people of the earth must work together to create a change and bring together all the people, not just one or two people.

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