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Hello, my name is Mai Song, but I prefer to be called Melanie. Melanie is actually my legal middle name, and is much easier for most people. Mai Song is just the English translation from my native tongue, which is Hmong. I was born and raised right here in the Twin Cities, so I'm pretty comfortable with the area. 

Currently, I'm a junior studying Family Social Science. Though at times I used to miss the Minneapolis Campus, I really like that the department is actually on the St. Paul Campus. It's a lot quieter and much more calm. I've already finished most the major core classes, and only have 3 more classes for the major. So it's exciting, knowing that I am graduating in 4 years. (I've heard that it's not really possible anymore nowadays, but I can voucher for it and say it is!)

I chose my major because I enjoy learning about the different relationships between people, especially about the causes and effects of certain relationships and events to one person. And actually I'm working as a Mentor at the YMCA that is located on campus. And I can say, though it is stressful, and I may get mad at the job at times, but I really love it. The relationships I build, help motivate me. And helps me make campus a lot smaller than it actually is.

As I have come to learn through experience and getting to know people, it can become a much smaller campus. Building relationships with people is something that's important to me, so that really helps campus be smaller. Sometimes it's fun cause I see people I know all over campus. It doesn't matter which one I'm on, I always see someone I know. And it's always fun for me to get to know people.

As a student, I like to keep myself very busy. I find that if I am not busy, I tend to slack off a bit. So I try to keep myself super busy. My school days currently, are spent all at school. I only go home to sleep, and wake up and come back the next day. I probably spend about 12-14 hours a day at school, but I don't mind it. It helps me focus better. I'm totally not the type to study at home, so I try to get things done at school, versus back at home.

I'm a very talkative individual, so making friends, and building relationships isn't hard for me. The only thing that's probably hard is remembering names. I'm horrible at names, but I remember faces and stories! But sometimes I think I'm too talkative, so I have learned to tune it down a bit. And I'm not afraid to answer any questions that come my way! I'm always up for questions, I personally think it's fun to answer questions - I've been told before that I'm weird, but hey! It's completely normal for me.

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