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Stoffregen adds publications to his record with help from students

<a href=Tom Stoffregen, Ph.D., professor in Kinesiology, has published two new articles in the field of movement science. Several of his current and former students also contributed to these articles.

Fu-Chen Chen and Ya-Wen Yu are kinesiology graduate students in working in the Affordance Perception-Action Laboratory (APAL). Sebastien Villard, Ph.D., was an NIH-funded post-doc in APAL. Chunggon Kim, Ph.D., received his doctoral degree under Stoffregen's guidance. Drs. Ito and Bardy are (respectively) Japanese and French research collaborators.

His most recent articles follow.

Stoffregen, T. A., Villard, S., Kim, C., Ito, K., & Bardy, B. G. (2009). Coupling of head and body movement with motion of the audible environment. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 35, 1221-1231.
Stoffregen, T. A., Chen, F.-C., Yu, Y., & Villard, S. (2009). Stance width and angle at sea: Effects of sea state and body orientation. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, in press.

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