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Konczak to present at upcoming Conference on Epigenetic Robotics

Juergen KonczakThe organizers of the Ninth International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics have invited Juergen Konczak, Ph.D., professor of biomechanics, and colleagues to present a paper that will subsequently be published in a peer-reviewed engineering journal. This is the second paper this year originating from Konczak's collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology, where he spent a recent sabbatical. Konczak is the senior author of the paper. The conference will be held November 12-14.

The paper models data of the early reaching movements of human babies to better understand their control problems and underlying neural control structures, knowledge that will be used for the control of a humanoid robot called iCub that is being developed in Europe. For a view of the iCub see the article at Euronews or the Human Sensorimotor Control lab.

The preliminary reference of the paper is: Nori F., Sandini G., Konczak J. (2009). Can imprecise internal motor models explain ataxic hand trajectories during reaching in young infants? Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics.

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