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Students present posters in Petit class

Petit38 students in Associate Professor Moira Petit's "Understanding Kinesiology Research" course (KIN 4981) presented their posters in the Cooke Hall lobby on Tuesday, December 8. Students, faculty, parents, and staff attended and presenting students took questions relative to their research.

Click presentation titles below for PDFs of student posters.

The Effects of Powerade Consumption on the Performance Outcome of a Second Bout of Maximal Aerobic Exercise,
Becca Carlton, Anna Fernandez, Katelyn Schmidt, Krista Skoglund, Elizabeth Van Zeyl

Relationship Between Years of Specialization in Division I Golfers and Average Round Score, Jeremy Denzer, Thomas Campbell, Dan DeWitt, Brad Walker

The Effect of Static Stretching vs. Dynamic Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance,
Charlie Erb Matt Englehardt Kevin Netzer Andy Bastian

Effects of Positve and Negatve Video Imagery on Free-Throw Performance, Glatt, P., Heuer, N., Kounlabout, S., Stevens M., Vang, K.

An Examination of Professional Sports Promotional Giveaways and Their Applicability to College Athletics, Mike Bjorkman, Scott Foley, Brandon Jackson

Correlation Between GPA and Physical Activity,
Sara McKay, Danielle Tuomi, Katherine Alm

The Effect of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Immediate and Delayed Vertical Jump Performance,
Amy Pearson, Brett Traxler, Andrew Malovrh, Nick Bartsh

Effect of Music on One-Mile Race Time in Recreational Runners,
Ashley Purdy, Kate Baillon, Dana Roadfeldt., Elise Heitkamp., Jesse Ehlen, Marie Moreno-Webster

Comparison Between Various Training Methods to Predict Sports Performance,
Mark F. Smith, Benjamin J. Peterson, Christopher A. Markwardt, Michael K. Weiler

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