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OLPD Faculty and students attend AHRD International Research Conference

Several faculty members and students from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) presented at the 2011 AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas. The conference was held February 23-26 in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Participants included:

Alexandre Ardichvili (Professor)
Kenneth Bartlett (Associate Dean for Graduate, Professional, and International Programs; Associate professor)
James Brown (Professor)
Louis Quast (Associate department chair; Hellervik/PDI Endowed Chair in Leadership & Adult Career Development)
Denise A . Bonebright (HRD graduate student)
Sanghamitra Chaudhuri (HRD graduate student)
Renada Goldberg (HRD graduate student)
Elizabeth Bechtel Jayanti (HRD graduate student)
Chang-Wook Jeung (HRD graduate student)
Jeong Rok Oh (HRD graduate student)
Sunyoung Park (HRD graduate student)
JiHyun Shim (HRD alumni)
Bai Vu (HRD undergraduate student)
Joseph M. Wohkitel (HRD graduate student)
Hea Jun Yoon (HRD graduate student)
Kelly A. Zimmerman (HRD undergraduate student)

Topics presented included:

The Changing Role of Leaders in Workplace Learning through CoPs
Advancing the Affective Domain and its Interventions for HRD
Identifying Organizational Knowledge Creation Enablers through Content Analysis: The Voice from the Industry
The Impact of the Learning Organization Environment on the Organizational Learning Process: Does the Better Learning Process Occur in the Better Learning Organization?
A Feminist Perspective on Women's Employment in South Korea: Implications for HRD
Using Multi-Rater Feedback to Predict Managerial Career Derailment A Model of Self-Boss Rating Patterns
Leadership Development in Korea: A Delphi Study
Transcending the Learning Organizations and Becoming a Corporate Socially Responsible Organization
The Business Case for Human Resource Development: A Strategic Overview
Mountains as Places of Learning: An Autoethnographic Exploration
Positive Psychology: An Overview and Discussion of its Impact on Work and Human Resource Education
Work-Life and Family Issues of Expatriate Employees: The Lived Experience of Not Being Able to Work When Offered an Opportunity to Work
Reverse Mentoring: A Social Exchange Tool for Keeping the Millenials Committed and the Aging Workforce Engaged
The Current State of Human Performance Technology: A Citation Network Analysis of Performance Improvement Quarterly, 1988-2010
A Content Analysis of the Websites of HRD Academic Programs in the United States
Theorizing Models of Corporate Universities
The Experience of Dislocated Workers under the Workforce Investment Act
Organizational Learning Style: A Conceptual Model
Nonlinear Learning Styles: A Conceptual Model

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