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Family social science experts featured in the Star Tribune

William DohertyPaul RosenblattProfessors Paul Rosenblatt and William Doherty, both renowned researchers on family issues, were noted for their expertise in the Minneapolis Star Tribune recently. Rosenblatt, who is retiring after more than 42 years of teaching and research in the Department of Family Social Science, is the subject of a column by Gail Rosenblum titled "'Retired' hardly describes U prof who's charting his next chapter." Doherty is quoted extensively in a front-page story on the decline in number of married couples in the Twin Cities area.

For more than 50 years, Rosenblatt has studied all sorts of challenges facing families, including loss and grief, rural family issues, multi-racial and cultural diversity barriers, and how government and corporate policies affect families. Most recently, his book Two in a Bed: The Social System of Couple Bed Sharing created world-wide interest, including more than 170 media requests.

Doherty and Rosenblatt share interests in family issues related to the growing number of multi-generational households, increased pressures on marriages, and the declines in marriage and family size. In the Star Tribune story on marriage decline, Doherty says, "People do value marriage, but it's more like an ideal, not a necessity....You don't have to be married to be seen as an adult now. Before, a 30-something unmarried guy was passed over for a management position, and a 30-something unmarried woman was a spinster who was seen as living a depleted life."

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