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U invests in Multi-Sensory Perception research facility

Juergen Konczak and Thomas Stoffregen, professors in the School of Kinesiology, are among the recipients of an award from the Office of the Vice President for Research's (OVPR) Infrastructure Investment Initiative.

Working in collaboration with the University's academic leadership, OVPR identified 11 key infrastructure projects in support of research and scholarship at the University. "This funding will help support high-end research and scholarly needs that will benefit the entire University community [and] will provide fiscally stable infrastructure that will have a long-term impact," said Vice President for Research Tim Mulcahy.

The award supports the creation of a new Multi-Sensory Perception research facility "to allow researchers to present visual, auditory and haptic stimuli to human subjects in an acoustically and electrically shielded environment, and to measure responses via behavioral (body and eye movement tracking), physiological (heart rate, skin conductance, ECG), and neural responses (EEG techniques).This facility extends the uni-modal capabilities of individual investigators to permit multi-modal experiments, support existing collaborations, and lead to new initiatives."

The award includes the Principal Investigator, Andrew Oxenham, College of Liberal Arts, and 25 co-investigators including Yuhong Jiang, Psychology; Hubert Lim, Biomedical Engineering; Peggy Nelson, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; and Stergios Roumeliotis, Computer Science and Engineering.

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