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OLPD well represented at AHRD International Research Conference

Faculty members, students, and alum from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) attended and presented at the 2012 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Research Conference in Denver, Colorado (February 29-March 4, 2012).

Development and Validation of the Ethical Business Culture Construct and Survey Instrument
Douglas Jondle (University of St. Thomas), Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty), James Mitchell (Center for Ethical Business Cultures)

Positive Psychology: An Overview and Discussion of Its Impact on Human Resource Development
Denise A. Bonebright (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE)

Managerial Behavior Within a Strategic Organizational Culture and the Risk of Career Derailment
Dr. Shari Peterson (OLPD faculty), Dr. Louis Quast (OLPD faculty), Bruce Center (EPSY)

Understanding the Learning Organization 30 years on: An Integrative Literature Review
Elizabeth Jayanti (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE)

Gender Differences in Managerial Behaviors Associated with High Advancement Potential
Joseph Wohkittel (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE), Chu-Ting Chung (EPSY), Dr. Louis Quast (OLPD faculty), and Bruce Center (EPSY)

Exploring the Relationship between Supervisor's Leadership Styles and Employee Loyalty
Xi Yu (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE)

Organizational Justice and Predictors of Career Satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework from an Integrative Literature Review
Jeong Rok Oh (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE) and Dr. Baek-Kyoo "Brian" Joo (OLPD Ph.D. alum-WHRE, 2007)

Developing Women Leaders at the University of Minnesota
Denise A. Bonebright (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE), Anitra Cottledge (OLPD M.A. alum-Higher Education, 2007), and Dr. Peg Lonnquist (OLPD Ph.D. alum-EDPA, 1994)

Tournament Theory and HRD in Academe or Why You Are Not/Will Not Be at the Top
Dr. Ross E. Azevedo (CSOM faculty), Dr. Mesut Akdere (OLPD Ph.D. alum, WCFE, 2005), and Eric C. Larson (CSOM)

Going to the Dark Side: Moving to Academic Administration
Kimberly S. McDonald (Indiana-Purdue University), Dr. Kenneth Bartlett (OLPD faculty), and Paul B. Roberts (University of Texas at Tyler)

Linking Managers' Self-Awareness to Advancement Potential: Exploring a Model of Self-Other Agreement
Dr. Louis Quast (OLPD faculty), Joseph Wohkittel (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE), Bruce Center (EPSY), Chu-Ting Chung (EPSY), and Bai Vue (OLPD M.Ed. student-HRD)

The Relationships Among Organizational Service Orientation, Customer Service Training, and Employee Engagement
Dr. Karen Johnson (OLPD Ph.D. alum-WHRE, 2011)

The Study Leaves System in South Korea: Looking Through the Lens of Policy Borrowing for National Human Resource Development
Jeong Rok Oh (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE) and Dr. Sung Jun Jo (OLPD Ph.D. alum-WHRE, 2009)

Collectivism as Moderator of Perceived Organizational Unfairness in Diverse Workplaces
Sanam Ghandehari (OLPD M.Ed. student-WHRE) and Robert Yawson (OLPD Ph.D.

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