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OLPD well represented at AERA annual meeting

Faculty members, students, and alumni from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) attended and presented at the 2012 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (April 13-17, 2012).


Complicating Effects of School Choice on Metro-Area School Integration Efforts
Allison Mattheis (OLPD Ph.D. student--EdAd)

Decentralizing Governance: A Policy Analysis of Partnerships Between Teachers and Parents in Morocco's Middle Schools
Mohammed Elmeski (OLPD Ph.D. student--CIDE)

A Grounded Theory Study of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teachers' Perspectives on and Experiences With the Process of CTE and Science Content Integration
Matthew Kenneth Spindler (SUNY - College at Oswego; OLPD Alumni Ph.D. Alumni--WCFE), Bradley C. Greiman (OLPD faculty)

Educational Leadership and Career Derailment
Chu-Ting Chung (EPSY), Joseph Wohkittel (OLPD Ph.D. student--WHRE), Louis N. Quast (OLPD faculty), Bruce A. Center (ESPY)

A Study of Programs of Study in Six States
Robert D. Shumer (OLPD instructor)

A Cross-Study Examination of Programs of Study in Three States
Samuel C. Stringfield (University of Louisville), Robert D. Shumer (OLPD instructor), Natalie Kosine Stipanovic (University of Louisville), Nora Murphy (OLPD Ph.D. student--ES)

Defining and Measuring a Strong School Culture
Karen Seashore (OLPD faculty), Moosung Lee (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)

Vocational Education and Training Programs in the Nigerian Education System
Benjamin Agbo, (OLPD Ph.D. student--WHRE)

Pushing the Frontiers of Critical and Postpositivist Approaches to Promoting Educational Equity Through Intimate Performance Narratives
Suzanne Miric (OLPD Ph.D. student--CIDE)

Local Contexts and the Possibilities for Teachers' Participation in the Institutional Self-Evaluation Component of a Quality Assurance System
Carmen Montecinos (Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso), Luis Ahumada, Pontificia (Universidad Catolica de Chile), Romina Madrid (OLPD Ph.D. student--EdAd), Maria Beatriz Fernandez Cofre (Boston College)

Policy Entrepreneurs and Agenda Setting in Minnesota School Integration Policy
Allison Mattheis (OLPD Ph.D. student--EdAd)

Neoliberalism's Unwritten Curriculum for Achievement
Peter Demerath (OLPD faculty)

A Comparative Examination of Nondiscrimination, Affirming School District Policies and Practices Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Students
Jeffrey M. Poirier (American Institutes for Research), Allison Mattheis (OLPD Ph.D. student--EdAd)

Alumni (not mentioned above)

Facilitating Intercultural Interaction: Reciprocal Knowing
Rhiannon Williams (PSTL; OLPD Ph.D. alumni--CIDE, 2010); Amy Lee (PSTL faculty)

Developing the Next Generation of Accessible Assessments: What We Can Learn From the AA-MAS (Alternate Assessment Based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards)
Lynn Price (ICI), Jennifer R. Hodgson (ICI), Sheryl S. Lazarus (ICI; OLPD alumni--EDPA, 2004); Martha L. Thurlow (ICI)

The Characteristics of Low-Performing Special Education and Non-Special Education Students on Large-Scale Assessments
Yi-Chen Wu (ICI); Kristin K. Liu (National Center on Educational Outcomes), Martha L. Thurlow (ICI), Sheryl S. Lazarus (ICI; OLPD alumni--EDPA, 2004), Jason Richard Altman (University of Minnesota), Elizabeth Christian (National Center on Educational Outcomes)

Moral Education: Communicating Care in an All-Online Course
Amy Louise Pittenger (College of Pharmacy), Doneka R. Scott (College of Pharmacy; OLPD Ph.D. student--HiEd)

Strategic Decision-Making by Deans in Public Universities: A Mixed-Method Study
Brianne Keeney, (OLPD Ph.D. alumni--HiEd, 2012)


Against the Tide: From the Margins to the Mainstream
Discussant: Karen Seashore (OLPD faculty)

Effective Implementation of Pedagogical Reform Through Professional Development: The Quality Teaching Rounds Approach.
Discussant: Karen Seashore (OLPD faculty)

GSC Division A Fireside Chat: "Non Satis Scire": Evidence to Support School Leaders for Increased Capacity in Practice and Policy
Participant: Karen Seashore (OLPD faculty)

International Perspectives on Research Integrity and the Conduct of Education Research
Participant: Melissa Anderson (OLPD faculty)

Tinkering Toward What Works: District Reform in a New Era
Chair: Karen Seashore (OLPD faculty)

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