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OLPD well represented at CIES conference

The Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) program in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) was well represented at the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference in Puerto Rico (April 22-27, 2012). More than 30 students and faculty in the program presented papers, served as discussants, and participated in the New Scholars' Workshop for advanced doctoral students. Students and faculty in the CIDE program also helped to organize and animate the exhibition table about international initiatives in CEHD and in conjunction with the Minnesota International Education Development Consortium (MIDEC).


ClaraMente: Mental health stigma in Guatemala City
Chantal Figueroa (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

International testing and educational policy discourse: How the TIMSS, PIRLS and PISA exclude students with disabilities from the culture of achievement
Matthew Schuelka (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

A capabilities approach as a framework for learning and livelihood education for youth
Joan DeJaeghere (OLPD faculty), Aryn Baxter (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

Training is the solution only if lack of training was the problem: A model of the factors associated with entrepreneurship
David Chapman (OLPD faculty), Nancy Pellowski Wiger (OLPD research fellow)

Putting money where your mouth is: Why do NGOs think entrepreneurship training is a solution?
Meredith Lee (The MasterCard Foundation)

The price of child friendly schools: A costing exercise to understand investments needed to create change in inclusive education in the Republic of Serbia
Sheryl Lazarus, (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-EDPA, 2004), Christopher Johnstone, (International Initiatives and Relations)

International scholarship programs and social capital: A case study of a Rwandan scholarship initiative
Aryn Raye Baxter (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

East meets West? Past and prospective trajectories in Ukrainian higher education governance
Marta A Shaw (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

Women's entrepreneurship, learning, and empowerment: A capabilities approach to microfinance in China
Hui Bi (OLPD Ph.D. student- CIDE)

Competing visions of higher education governance in Poland
Marta A Shaw (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

The impact of a study abroad to China over its participants' attitudes towards China
Li Yang (OLPD Ph.D. student- CIDE)

Comparison of partner institutions' perceptions of the crossborder higher education program and the impact on program implementation
Yiyun Jie (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Cross-border partnerships for increasing quality and diversity in higher education: A case study of the internationalization at the University of Iceland
Tryggvi Thayer (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

Outcomes of an alternative technology pilot for teacher development in Malawi, Africa
Carol Carrier (OLPD faculty), Matt Finholt-Daniel (Seward Incorporated, USA)

Educational research strategies in a post-conflict society: Navigating in politically-charged and divided society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Taro Komatsu (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

The impact of secondary schools with bi-culture (Muslim and Buddhism) towards student learning in Pattani Province, Thailand
Jaturong Napadol (OLPD M.A. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

From weeds to paper trails: Perceptions of an educational program in South Sudan from the field to headquarters
Heidi J. Eschenbacher (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Ethnic identity and education in China and Vietnam: Alternative approaches Ethnicity and education: A critical discourse analysis of policies in China and Vietnam
Joan DeJaeghere (OLPD faculty), Lisa Vu (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), Xinyi Wu (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

A comparative study of perceptions of fairness in large-scale assessment among U.S. students with and without disabilities
Christopher Johnstone (International Initiatives and Relations), Chantal Figueroa, (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

Can universities become world-class when research and community engagement are missing?
Elisabeth Wilson (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), David Chapman (OLPD faculty), Ann Elizabeth Austin (Michigan State University), Samar Farah (Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation), Natasha Ridge (Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research)

Producing 'non-adversarial' global partnerships: The World Bank and the school fee abolition initiative
Frances Vavrus (OLPD faculty)

Toward a model for explaining secondary school completion in Vietnam
Seongdok Kim (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)

Developing counseling and mental health services in comparative and international development education: An exploratory analysis of 29 country case studies
Michael Goh (OLPD faculty), Tiffanie Loeb (OLPD M.A. student-CIDE), Mary Katherine O'Brien (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), Matthew Schuelka (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), Aaron Voth, (OLPD M.A. student-CIDE)

When projects of 'empowerment' don't liberate: Locating agency in a 'postcolonial' peace education
Roozbeh Shirazi (OLPD postdoc fellow)

Equity, power, and capabilities: Constructions of gender in a Tanzanian secondary school
Matthew Thomas (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), Allen Rugambwa (Mwenge University College of Education)

10 guiding principles for effective cross-national online learning design
David Scott Porcaro (Seward Incorporated), Carol Carrier (OLPD faculty)

Construction of Navajo identity amidst globalization: A global education perspective
Donald Baum (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE), Xinyi Wu (OLPD Ph.D. student-CIDE)


Re-examining connections between gender, agency, and empowerment
Chair and discussant: Frances Vavrus (OLPD faculty)

Linking education with livelihood: Is entrepreneurship training a solution for out-of-school youth?
Chair: David Chapman (OLPD faculty)

New Scholars dissertation workshop 8: Cross-border higher education and global analysis
Chair: David Chapman (OLPD faculty)

New Scholars dissertation workshop panel: Data collection
Workshop organizer: Heidi J. Eschenbacher, (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Innovative uses of ICT in development
Chair: Tryggvi Thayer (OLPD Ph.D. student- CIDE)

Cross-border higher education and global analysis
Chair: David Chapman, University of Minnesota (OLPD faculty)

New Scholars dissertation workshop panel: Data analysis
Workshop organizer: Heidi J. Eschenbacher (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Education in the shadows, the slums and in disaster recovery
Chair: Frances Vavrus (OLPD faculty)

A critical look at cross-border partnerships in higher education: Beyond symbolic arrangements
Chair: Yiyun Jie (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Trends in higher education: Privatization, rankings, and outreach
Discussant: Marta A Shaw (OLPD Ph.D. student- CIDE)

Technology and digital learning
Chair: Carol Ann Carrier (OLPD faculty)

Globalization and student mobility: Emerging trends and new directions
Chair: David Chapman (OLPD faculty)

Exploring the intersection between religion and education
Chair: Jaturong Napadol (OLPD M.A. Alumni-CIDE, 2011)

Schooling at the dawn of statehood in South Sudan: Research in the North and South
Chair: Heidi J. Eschenbacher, (OLPD Ph.D. alumni-CIDE, 2011)
Discussant: Frances Vavrus (OLPD faculty)

Comparison of convergences and divergences of post-Soviet educational transformations: Issues, impacts, and implications [Moderated Discussion]
Presenter: Marta A Shaw (OLPD Ph.D. student- CIDE)

Constructing citizens through education: A comparative study of curricular discourse in four Muslim majority societies
Discussant: Roozbeh Shirazi (OLPD postdoc fellow)

Editorial advisory board for the Annual Review of Comparative and International Education (ARCIE)
Discussant: Frances Vavrus (OLPD faculty)

Way past 2015: Critically debating the feasibility, utility, and interpretation of long-term educational development projections
Discussant: David Chapman (OLPD faculty)

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