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Past-president Maureen Weiss organizes National Academy of Kinesiology meeting

WeissM-2007.jpgAs Past-President of the National Academy of Kinesiology, Maureen Weiss, professor of Kinesiology, organized the program for this year's annual conference in Portland, Oregon, September 20-22. The theme is Physical Activity Across the Lifespan, and sessions address robust findings, critical issues, and processes that generate variations in physical activity, sedentary behavior, and health outcomes in middle/older adulthood, young adulthood, adolescence, middle/late childhood, and infancy/early childhood.

The theme and format are based on a playful metaphor revolving around "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and movie about a baby born at 84 years old who ages backward. Along the way Benjamin experiences "typical" as well as some "atypical" developmental landmarks of "aging" as he traverses a rich history of global events. Taking a reverse aging perspective presents an innovative approach to the flow of research on lifespan physical activity.
For older adulthood, scholars in psychology of physical activity and motor behavior will share cutting-edge research; in young adulthood featured speakers span health promotion, sociocultural aspects, and physical activity epidemiology. The adolescent period will focus on perspectives from pedagogy, exercise physiology, and neuroscience; childhood will incorporate views from history, pediatric physiology, and pedagogy; and, early childhood/infancy will feature speakers from motor development, health promotion, and biomechanics. A philosopher of physical activity will summarize, integrate, and interpret the collective of papers to envision future research directions and issues.
The dual purpose of the Academy is to promote the study and educational applications of the art and science of physical activity, and to honor by election to its membership persons who have contributed significantly to the study and application of the art and science of physical activity. University of Minnesota has enjoyed a legacy of scholars to be inducted in the Academy, including former Directors, J. Anna Norris, Fellow #24 (second woman to be honored), Eloise Jaeger, Fellow #223, and G. Alan Stull, Fellow #257. Current Active Fellows include Maureen Weiss, Michael Wade, Thomas Stoffregen, Arthur Leon, Mary Jo Kane, and Li Li Ji. Weiss will see her first mentee honored as a Fellow at the induction ceremony--Alan Smith (PhD, University of Oregon, 1997), Chair and Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Michigan State University. In addition, Minnesota grad Barbara Ainsworth (PhD, 1987; MPH, 1989) has been elected to serve a three-year term in presidential roles on the executive board.

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