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2012 Dissertation Fellowship Award recipients in Reading Education and Children's Literature announced

lauren causey.jpgKristen Nichols-Besel.jpgThe Department of Curriculum and Instruction is pleased to announce the winners of two fellowship award competitions, held each fall for PhD students in reading education and children's literature. The recipients are:

Lauren Causey: 2012 Norine Odland Endowment for Children's Literature Fellowship. Lauren's advisor is Dr. Lee Galda.

Kristen Nichols-Besel: 2012 Schreiner Reading Fellowship. Kristen's co-advisors are Dr. David O'Brien and Dr. Lee Galda.

Congratulations to Lauren and Kristen!
The Robert Schreiner Reading Fellowship competition is open to Ph.D. candidates in reading education who have completed course work, written and oral comprehensive examinations, and have an approved dissertation proposal. The $2,500 fellowship is designed to support the candidate's dissertation research in reading education. It is non-renewable. Awardees are selected based of the importance of the research, the clarity with which it is described, the potential the work has for making a significant contribution to the field, and the probability that the research will be completed in a timely manner.

The Norine Odland Endowment for Children's Literature Fellowship is available to PhD and MA candidates in children's and adolescent literature who have completed all preliminary course work and examinations, and have had a dissertation or thesis proposal for research in children's literature approved. The Award grants $2,000 to support dissertation research and $4,000 to support the purchase of books for children and young people in the Fairview University/Amplatz Children's Hospital. Awardees are selected based of the importance of the purpose for which he/she plans to use the award, the strength of his or her teaching or library experience, his or her expertise in selecting books for children, and the strength of his or her graduate work, particularly that in children's literature.

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