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FYI Common Book Event: Pathways for Youth: Individual and Institutional Factors

As part of this year's Common Book events, PsTL First Year Inquiry students attended the Pathways for Youth: Individual and Institutional Factors panel discussion. Five invited panelists presented their work with youth centered research and programs. Each panelist shared their approach to supporting youth develop and understanding the issues and barriers youth face. Sondra Samuels' work with the Northside Achievement Zone takes a space based approach to address the achievement gap in her community. Ann Masten's research takes a strength based approach to understanding youth and how to nurture resilience. Sarah Walker's work with 180 Degrees takes an issue based approach that provides both direct service and advocates for policy reform in the juvenile justice system.

The discussion among the panelists provided CEHD's first year students a window into a variety of ways to make a different in the lives of young people. One common theme that emerged from the discussion was the importance of setting positive expectations for individuals and communities. Each panelist shared their passion for working with youth and their personal journeys that led them to their current work. Students were interested in hearing how panelists maintained their passion for work that is sometimes very demanding. Panelists described keeping "the fire" alive by staying connected to the communities they work in, building strong networks of support for themselves, and celebrating their successes.

We thank the panelists for their participation in our FYI program. The panelists included Steve Randall (St. Paul Parks and Recreation), Mike Baizerman (Youth Studies, Professor), Sondra Samuels (Northside Achievement Zone, CEO), Ann Masten (Institute of Child Development, Professor), Sarah Walker (Chief Administrative Officer, 180 Degrees).

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