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OLPD well represented at 2012 Association for the Study of Higher Education conference

The Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) was well represented at the 2012 Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) conference held November 14-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Research and scholarly papers were presented by the following individuals:
• Mapping Global Research on International Higher Education
Aliya Kuzhabekova (Ph.D. alumni - HiEd, Darwin Hendel (OLPD faculty), David Chapman (OLPD faculty)
• Cross Border Collaboration in Higher Education: Lessons from the Field
David Chapman (OLPD faculty)
• College Students as Citizens: Unpacking the Dimensions of Civic Engagement in College
David Weerts (OLPD faculty)
• New Realities, New Approaches: Strengths-based Approaches to Institutional Transformation
Jayne K. Sommers (Ph.D. student - HiEd), Erin Konkle (Ph.D. student - HiEd)
• On-Campus Alternatives to Study Abroad: Impacts on Students' Development of Global/International Competencies and Intercultural Relations
Krista Soria (Ph.D. student - HiEd)
• Development of University Ranking Systems in the United States and Japan: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. News & World Report Ranking and the Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc. University Ranking
Takehito Kamata (Ph.D. student -HiEd), Darwin Hendel (OLPD faculty)
• Leadership, Civic Responsibility, and Social Action in Undergraduate Education
Krista Soria (Ph.D. student - HiEd), Alexander Fink (Ph.D. student - social work), Christine Lepkowski (Ph.D. student - HiEd), Lynn Snyder (Ph.D. student - HiEd)

Symposia were presented by:
• Shifting Discourses of Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
Rhiannon Williams (Ph.D. alumni - CIDE), Amy Lee (PSTL faculty), Rebecca Ropers-Huilman (OLPD faculty), Karen Miksch (PSTL faculty), Marta Shaw (Ph.D. student - CIDE)
• Policy Discourse Analysis
Rebecca Ropers-Huilman (OLPD faculty)
• Embodied Teaching and Learning: Whose Bodies? Whose Knowledge?
Rebecca Ropers-Huilman (OLPD faculty), Kelly T. Winters (Ph.D. student -HiEd), Leah Hakkola (Ph.D. student - CIDE)

Roundtables were presented by:
• The Relationship between Institutional Distinctiveness and Product Demand: The Case of the Religiously-Affiliated College
James M. Hunter (Ph.D. alumni - HiEd)
• Implications of Diversity as Discourse in College Admission and Recruiting
Leah Hakkola (Ph.D. student - CIDE), Kelly T. Winters (Ph.D. student - HiEd), Traci L. Thomas-Card (Ed.D. student -HiEd)

A poster session was presented by:
• Workplace Bullying in Higher Education: Experiences and Responses of Faculty Members
Susan Taylor (Ph.D. alumni - HiEd)

The following individuals served discussant or chair for the sessions noted below:
• Innovation in Higher Education - Discussant: David Weerts (OLPD faculty)
• Exploring Gaps in Policy, Practice, and Performance - Chair: Kelly T. Winters (Ph.D. student - HiEd)

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