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OLPD well represented at International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Managment

Faculty and students from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) presented at the international joint conference of the 10th Annual International Conference on Knowledge, Economy and Management, 11th International Conference of the ASIA Chapter of the Academy of Human Resource Development, and 2nd International Conference of the MENA Chapter of the Academy of Human Resource Development held November 8-10, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.


Human Potential as a Factor of Developing National Competitiveness of Brazil, Russia, India, and China
Elena Zavyalova (St. Petersburg State University), Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty), Sofia Kosheleva (St. Petersburg State University)

The Self-Directed Career in an Era of Economic Instability: Opportunities and Limitations in Cross-Cultural Comparison
Peter Kuchinke (OLPD alumni, University of Illinois)

Exploring Social Media in the Workplace: Implications for Human Resource Development
Kristopher Thomas (University of Wisconsin), Mesut Akdere (OLPD alumni, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & Visiting Professor at Antalya International University)

A Historical Study of Human Resource Development Lessons from Gallipoli
Kenneth Bartlett (OLPD faculty)

The Relationship between Culture, Family Factors and Expatriate Adjustment
Theresa Kang (Indiana University), Peter Kuchinke (OLPD alumni, University of Illinois), Hye-Seung (Indiana University)

Behaviors Associated with Expatriate Derailment in China, the U.K., and the U.S.
Louis N. Quast (OLPD faculty), Joseph M. Wohkittel (OLPD Ph.D. student-WHRE), Bruce A. Center (EPSY), Chu-Ting Chung (EPSY), Alison E. Phillips, Bai Vue (OLPD M.Ed. student-HRD)

Brain Drain: An Integrative Literature Review and Implications for HRD
Sehoon Kim (Texas A&M University), Toby Egan (WHRE alumni, Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis)

Peter Kuchinke (OLPD alumni)
Mesut Akdere (OLPD alumni)
Kenneth Bartlett (OLPD faculty)
Louis Quast (OLPD faculty)
Alexandre Ardichvili (OLPD faculty)

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