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Winter break on the Mekong

1SolheimAndreButurian.jpgFaculty members Catherine Solheim, family social science, and Linda Buturian, postsecondary teaching and learning, and college web design lead Susan Andre seized the winter break to complete videography and interviews in Thailand.

The three have teamed up for a digital storytelling project about the impact of globalization on families, communities, culture, and environment along the Mekong River. The project builds upon Solheim's many years of experience in Thailand, Buturian's expertise in writing and connecting the humanities to water-resource issues, and Andre's design and photography expertise. They will use the content in existing undergraduate courses and develop a learning-abroad seminar for students in May 2014. In addition, Buturian is developing a new course that will connect students learning about the Mississippi River to global water issues, while Solheim is creating an engaged-research project to study minority families in the Mekong region of northern Thailand.

Watch the video "Mekong Mosaic."

Above, L-R: Solheim, Andre, and Buturian. Photo by Surapol Thungkaew.

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