Week1,2, and 3: The College Life is the Life for Me!

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My first week of school was quite smooth considering all the chaos going around with people scrambling to buy books or trying to find classes right after welcome week. I felt quite relieved to finally be in college from high school. There is so much free time to spare I usually don't how to use my time. Most of the time after class I just go back home and rest. Welcome week and moving in triplex was very tiring and I really needed the rest. Despite the multitude of activities, classes were a relief for me. I remember going to high school eight plus hours with no breaks and now that I'm in college I have long breaks, great classes, and a lot of time in general. 

My second week was a bit more troublesome. This was the week where I started working full shifts at my work place. So my Thursdays and Fridays were dedicated to work which then I would spend time on the weekends just doing homework and what not. This didn't exactly happen the way I wanted it to. I spent the first part of my week going back to St. Paul to run some errands and just to go hang out for a little bit with my roommates. That night we didn't get back home until 10:00 pm and I was scrambling to do my Tuesday homework. So I ended up being a little behind for the week. The highlight of this week was Thursday before going to work. I got to jam out with two of my friends I made during welcome week and I also met some new people while playing guitar right outside of Coffman Memorial Union. Sadly I had to leave for work so my fun was cut short. The reality of the college life: Managing time. 

The third week of college was nearly identical to the second but with a little more involvement as I get my work life more settled in. During the week I actually went back home to St. Paul to find my head phones and sadly I didn't find them. I came back to Minneapolis just to find out I left my Ipad and my phone back in St. Paul. So I go back to St. Paul to pick that up really late into the night. That was my college adventure for this week. The highlight of this week just like the second week was jamming out with my friends only this time we went to HMSA to go jam out which was a lot more fun this time around. Well no matter what happens I still manage to have a good time every week even with all the mishaps. 

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