The Weeks So Far @ the U: Part 1

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So school has been good even though I had some rough times during the start of my fifth week with money being a big frustration for me. It is really tough coming into college not having to worry about money especially from a low income family. Earlier in the week I was worrying about money and it took a toll on me and I went back home for a night because my frustration. I talked to my cousin about my issues and it helped me get my thought back together. 

I was given some advice before I came to college. One of the teachers at my high school told me: "Don't worry about money while you are in school." 

My friend who I am living with too also told me not to worry about money and just have fun and study hard in school. I was being too pessimistic about the situation and he was right. Sometimes even when money is an issue I can't allow that to keep myself from a great education here at the U of M. 

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