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Tuesday was Election Day and it marked the day that I voted for the first time in my life! I've never voted for something this big before so it was quite an experience for me. With my vote it is always good to know that I have contributed and being accounted for with my vote. To be honest I didn't know if I really wanted to vote. After learning more about the election and what was going going around at the time I was totally convinced that I really should take a stance and vote on issues that are important to me. I was also inspired by students at my high school who were doing their best to make a difference when they themselves couldn't vote. I was inspired by them to make a difference by voting being a voice for them. Every vote does make a difference.

Later that evening after voting was done I went back to the house and went to relax. For a few hours the power was perfectly fine until lights started to flicker. Around 8:40pm the power started to die out and then we finally lost power at our house. I looked outside and noticed that the power was out for the whole block. I kept telling my room mates the power was totally out for the whole block except for 3 houses across the street. 

My room mates and I decided to not stay in the house so we ended up going back to campus. While driving out to our destination we noticed that all of Dinkytown was totally out also which was surprising, I even found it funny that McDonalds was also out of power. We went to Keller Hall to study and wait until the power was back on. So we gather our things for our little adventure to Keller Hall. In all honesty I enjoyed this experience because I got to enjoy spending time with my room mates outside of the house. We just made the best of our time their studying and watching the election results. We ended up staying for about 3 hours even when we were notified that the power was back on which was about an hour after we left.

One thing that I definitely will take from this experience is to expect the unexpected in the college life.

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