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The semester is almost done and I can't help but think that time is going by faster than I had anticipated. This school year for me went by pretty fast this year and maybe it's schedule, not having to be in class for 7-8 hours a day. College is a totally different ball game compared to high school and after this first semester experience I will be more prepared for next semester. Thought I was prepared for this first semester of school but really I was holding myself back so I really need to finish the semester strong. 

Honestly I was considering maybe going to a two year because I didn't really know if I was ready for this college experience but I thought hard and I decided that since I'm already here I will persevere and continue my education here at the U of M. I really like the U and I don't want myself holding myself back be the reason for me leaving the U. 

Going to better things, I only ave one final to take which is a relief. I think multiple finals would be overwhelming for me but I should get used to it soon because it is not going to get any easier. Otherwise the final so far so good just have to be ready to take that final and do well on it then right after comes the start of my winter break.

I think overall my experience here at the U was really great so far and met a lot of new people and made new friends. After being here for the past couple months it really has change my opinion about the U. Didn't really like it at first before I was admitted but now I really do enjoy it and do not regret coming here. The U of M is a really great place and it is a really great school for me. 

-Randy Xiong

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