The Winter Times Are Here!

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Right now I am back at Saint Paul with my family hoping to make it back to Minneapolis but sadly the snow is keeping me from getting there. The weather is just too bad to allow me to actually get back and I don't know how I am going to make it to class tomorrow if there is class tomorrow. Luckily I have all material for classes and studying for finals next week so I won't be too far behind from this snow. 

I am wondering if Minneapolis is just as bad as Saint Paul right now. It seems like the snow hit all around the Metro and many other places in Minnesota. To be honest it's kind of refreshing to see all the snow in December. I remember seeing snow last year but it would all melt the next day which made it less of burden for everyone. I barely had to shovel last year. 

This snow is keeping me from getting back to where I need to be but I can't let it stop me from finishing off the semester as best I can. So I will be on track with my studying to make sure that my semester ends well. 1 week and a few days is all until semester ends and I have to end it on a strong note!

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