My Winter Break

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My winter break was quite refreshing and nice but I honestly felt it dragged on, still I can't complain about a month long break. I was happy class was done with for a month and I had my time for myself. I went to work most of the time and enjoyed my time back at Saint Paul with my family. It was a nice change of pace to have a lot time for myself again. 

I went to work 3 days out of the week stayed home most of the time baby sitting the kids. I even decided over break to get a new Laptop for school (since I can't bring my home laptop with me to class) and I bought one. Sadly that story will have to wait another time. But overall went out a couple of times hanging out with some of my closest friends eating out at my new favorite place, Pagoda's right hear in Dinkytown where I live. Occasionally I came back to Minneapolis to spend the night. After being at home for winter break I was happy to be back in apartment. 

Though I didn't do too much over winter break I enjoyed the change of pace from waking every morning to go to class to being able to get in the extra 2 hours of sleep I've been needing. Since we're back my sleep schedule is place, school is back in my head, and Break is over so now I have to step my game up and finish the rest of year strong. 

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