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I think in general I think I am an overall pretty good test taker. I am a decent test taker if anything my averages are pretty good when I take test which is probably the best thing about my test taking skills. What leads up to this is ultimately my studying habits and how well I know the subject.

The number one rule I go by is to not study excessively and especially not before a big quiz or test. My reason being is because I don't like to cram study because when I cram study and finally go take the test I feel unready for it. My philosophy is that I would rather relax before a big test that way I can get the rest I need to take the tests and I feel better about it after I am done taking it.

Another thing is that I think it is just best to know all the information beforehand. Cram long before the test and quiz and review over the week before testing that way the one day before the test can be used for minimal studying and relaxing before the big day.

My second plan is to study before the test in the case that I couldn't find time to study at all. If I couldn't find time to study I would definitely make some time to cram in info. Though I don't like doing this sometimes the situation just doesn't allow time. I do the best as I can as a college student.

Some more things that also helps with studying is too have practice quizzes or tests which are always nice to have. Another thing is to have people you can study with because it's a way to review with each other.

Places that I really like to go study is Keller Hall right behind Lind Hall, MCAE in Appleby Hall, and I like Folwell Hall right on University Ave. These are the places that I enjoy going to the most because I find I can focus well in these places and I sometimes meet friends here so it is a win-win situation.

Back to study time! 

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