The "Almost" First Month of School

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So lately I have just finally kind of caught up in my classes and definitely having a harder time now than I have had for awhile. Just recently I visited my High School and went to go talk about my college experience to the senior college possible class and visited some teachers. I tell them that it is tough and that it is tougher than first semester by far. Sometimes I feel like I exaggerate when I tell them to keep reading while they can because I regret not reading more when I was a child. Back to what I was talking about though I finally just kind of caught up in classes but I am doing my best to be ahead and after I realized that I need to stay on track my whole day consist of going to class then when I'm done I go to Keller Hall to go study. 

Some of the classes I'm taking require a lot of reading like Global History, University Writing, and my lecture classes. In general there is a lot of reading that I need to do and in all honesty not really ready for the pace but regardless I have to get stuff done so study it is. So far in terms of grades so far I think I am doing decent but just hanging in there and trying to get as much sleep as I can because I know that last semester I didn't do too well with sleep at all which was really bad and took a toll on my grade. This semester I hope and will do better, I  am very determined to do so at the moment. 

I think in terms of studying my first place contender for a place to study is definitely Keller Hall because it has good wireless and is very comfortable. My second place contender is probably Folwell Hall because it's really quiet there and the rooms provide a good studying atmosphere. These places are definitely places that I like study on my down time and since I am staying on campus full time I will be at these places most of the time now. I am making a lot of time for studying now so my basic schedule is going to be go to class, study, and work. 

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