The Story of My New Bought Computer

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Around 3 weeks ago was when I had bought my new computer and I finally just got to use it today. It all started when I got it on the 21st of January just waiting for my brother to bring it to Minneapolis that night. I was pretty excited for it and I was really impatient with it because I really needed a computer for school and I had finally just got one. Sadly when we turned it on it didn't work. It did turn on but it didn't boot correctly. Apparently the hard drive didn't work so it didn't boot up like it should. we tried finding solutions for hours but no solution worked for us. I was very disappointed that I got a faulty laptop. It's actually kind of ironic that I got a faulty laptop because the one I got prior to my new computer the screen is faulty and still is faulty to this day. Other  than my own I've been getting hand me downs most of my life. 

So my new computer just came in today and I picked it up all the way from the Fedex at Washington Ave and I live all the way at 8th so the walk there and walk back was very long nearly took me an hour to get home but it was worth the commute. I sent in my computer back to fixed on January 22nd and it finally just came in. I am very sad that it took more than 2 weeks to get it back but I got it. 

So now that my computer is in working order it works perfectly fine and if you are wondering the computer that I have for school is a 15.6" Acer Aspire. I really like it so far and it's the perfect size for me to bring to school as my other computer is just to big for me to bring to class with me. now that I have my computer it'll make my life easier now during class I can take notes on the computer and not have to  worry too much about space and I have access to power points online which helps a lot. So as of now my new computer is going to be my main computer and the one that I have been using is going to go to my brother since he doesn't have a working computer. It is sad that I have to part with my gaming laptop but I won't part with it for too long at all hopefully. 

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