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About Randy

My name is Randy Xiong and I was born in Clovis, California but lived in St. Paul Minnesota my whole life. I graduated from Community of Peace Academy which is a small charter school located on the east side of St. Paul. I am currently a freshman in the school of College of Education and Human Development. I am not sure what I want to major in but thinking of possibly majoring in Journalism. I am still conflicted with myself on what I want to study but that is why I am here at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities. I feel that this college has a lot to offer me since I still am looking for a path to take.

I have a strong passion for the arts. The arts have always been with me when I was growing up. I love drawing and have been drawing ever since I was a child. I am also a musician and have been playing guitar for five years now. I enjoy theatre very much also. I have been involved in four productions at my high school which include Grease and Disney's Aladdin Jr.

I want to shoot for a major in Journalism in the near future. I haven't always been the greatest at writing and I still I feel like my writing am still not that great. I've been told by friends and mentors that I have a "way with words". When I write I make a very personal connection to what I write.

"No matter how engaged or disengaged you are with your writing you're always putting a part of yourself in what you are writing."

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