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TERI Task Force Appointment Memo

Heather Cline, Parent and Family Education
Peter Demerath, Education Foundations
Brad Greiman, Agricultural Education
Carole Gupton, Preparation to Practice Group
Lori Helman, Literacy and Elementary Education
Ben Jacobs, Social Studies
Jennifer McComas, Special Education, EBD
Kristin McMaster, Special Education, LD
Kent Pekel, College Readiness Consortium
Susan Ranney, Second Languages and Cultures, ELL
Gillian Roehrig, Science and STEM
Susan Rose, Special Education, D/HH
Misty Sato, Culture and Teaching
Tom Stertz, Work and Human Resource Education
Richard Wassen, Policy and Research

From: Mary Bents, Associate Dean
Date: February 3, 2009
RE: Bush Foundation Planning
CC: Dean Quam, Associate Deans Johnson, Barajas
Department Chairs: Thomas, Hendel, Hupp, Kane, Crick, Bartlett, Reinhardy, McCulloch, Lee

I am contacting you to appoint you to a Task Group of the Licensed School Professional Workgroup to develop the CEHD response to the Bush Foundation partnership. It is apparent from what has already been completed that this is an important step in the development of our teacher preparation and professional development programs and our partnerships with schools. Thanks to those of you who have done some preliminary work and to those who have volunteered to continue to work on this important planning project.

I am requesting that Misty Sato and Carole Gupton provide leadership in this activity and to be the individuals who meet, along with me, the Bush Foundation leadership and other partners to convey the messages between the College and the other partners. Recognizing that others in the college will need to be involved in this work one of your tasks will be to keep the full LSP (both initial license and advanced programs) as well as the department chairs and the dean’s office informed about your progress.

The focus of the Bush Foundation is on initial teacher preparation and early induction and mentoring, thus, you may wish to engage others in specialized tasks dealing with partnerships, recruitment and retention, assessments of effectiveness, other higher education partners or other areas that you identify. The work already completed is a great start to identifying the areas for development of our programs. While the Bush Foundation goals are a catalyst, the work that you will be doing will impact our teacher education programs into the future.

Jill Lane will be contacting you to set up meetings for the next few months. Again, thanks for your work on behalf of the college and the programs preparing and developing teachers.

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