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Reading in the Content Areas Task Group Readings

Hello to all,
You should have received an email from your Chair, Deborah Dillon, with the same information that is below:

1. (Prior to the June 15th meeting): Examine the documents provided by the Task Force and the Task Group Chair (Dillon & O'Brien) prior to the work group meetings. (Please bring additional research-based ideas related to
this work to the attention of the Chair prior to our June 15th meeting.)

2. (At the June 15-16 meetings): Identify what a successful teacher education candidate needs to know and be able to do related to Reading in the Content Areas in order to be an effective and successful first-year teacher with all students. (Please see the new Board of Teaching Standards for Teachers of Reading.)

3. (At the June 15-16 meetings): Consider the differing needs for elementary and secondary candidates. (I will talk about the early childhood and elementary reading requirements briefly as a way to frame the content reading requirements for the discipline areas.

4. (At the June 15-16 meetings): Identify ways that the programs can know (assess) that the candidates can perform the identified outcomes.

5. (At the June 15-16 meetings): Identify key knowledge and experiences during teacher preparation that can lead a candidate to the identified outcomes.

I am sending several documents that will form the basis of our discussions and help us complete our tasks. Paper copies of these documents will be available for our meeting on the 15th:

Documents to Guide the Content Reading discussion:

1. A Draft Plan for Preservice Content Reading Preparation at the U of Minnesota -09 (based on the new standards and new research from Carnegie Foundation) -this document includes the links to the New BOT Standards for Reading Teachers 6/09-these are important to read and will be integral to
our work: Draft Plan for Content Reading

2. Excerpt from D. O'Brien: Handbook of Reading Research (4th ed., in press) chapter on "Key Research on Secondary Reading Teacher Education" --draft 6/09: Excerpt from Dillon et al. (in press) Content Reading for Secondary Teachers

3. Memo to MN Literacy Teacher Education from June 06 that outlines current reading legislation and its impact on teacher preparation programs statewide re: MN State Statute 122A.06 subdivision 4; amended in May 2009.
RE: Comprehensive Scientifically based reading instruction: Memo to Literacy Educators

4. An additional reading that frames disciplinary literacy (Moje, 2007)
in Review of Research in Education. This is background info only: Moje 2007, Developing Socially Just Subject Matter Instruction

David O'Brien will also provide links for us to the current one credit course CI 5452. We will want to examine current Syllabi and materials for CI 5452. This information is forthcoming.

Thank you for agreeing to work with me this summer on the TERI Content Reading Task Force.

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