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The Response to the Bush Foundation

A PDF version of The Response to the Bush Foundation is available here. Hard copies of The Response are available through Mary Bents or Misty Sato if you'd prefer to see it in paper form. For the purposes of the work done in the summer Task Groups, the first 30 pages of this document are probably the most relevant.

To remain as true as possible to the original I took care to scan tabbed sheets so you could more easily find things, but that idea did not always work with the darker tabs (sorry). I also have some deliberately blank pages because they indicate a colored sheet of paper that separates items within a single tab. Finally, this scan is not entirely complete because I did not want to copy *all* of the program descriptions (the one I copied as a sample -- Ag Ed -- begins on p. 90 of the above PDF). If you would like to see the rest of those program descriptions you can get them online, from Student Services, or you can view them via the hard copies of The Response.

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